What is Mobile Marketing?


Wikipedia definition of Mobile Marketing


  •  Mobile marketing is broadly defined as “the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication” or “distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks”.
  •  More specific definition is the following: “using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders”.

In November 2009, the Mobile Marketing Association updated its definition of Mobile Marketing:

  •  Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.


Mobile Marketing via SMS Marketing


  • Over the past few years SMS Marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world. This is because unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who police their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile media industry (including mobile advertising). Mobile Marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Europe and Asia as a new channel to reach the consumer.


Mobile Marketing via QR codes


  • QR (or Quick Response) codes have been growing in popularity in Asia and Europe, but have until 2011 been slow to be adopted in North America.
  • Acting as a visual hyper-link to a page, QR codes make it easy to jump someone to a mobile optimized offer page and as such, represent a very powerful tool for initiating consumer engagement, likely triggering its most emotional response—the impulse moment.
  • Some recent high-profile campaigns include Billboards by Calvin Klein in Times Square, Starbucks and Lady Gaga teaming up on a QR code driven scavenger hunt and the recent addition of QR codes for every SKU in Home Depot and Best Buy Stores.

Key factors for a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign


  • Mobile presence (Mobile friendly website)
  • Integrated QR Codes
  • SMS marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile SEO
  • Contact management
  • Surveys

Taking your business to the next level means…

…be discovered, drive traffic to the business.


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